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Our "Really Lower™" Rate

Is someone playing games with your energy rates?

How can you know that you are really getting the lowest rate?

After you get prices from a variety of suppliers and you choose the lowest number, are you really getting the lowest price? Is it really lower than the utility’s default rate?

Not necessarily.

There are many parts to the supply portion of your bill. There can be added charges for load, for swing, transmission charges, and more. Of course, there are always taxes as well. Sometimes  a supplier quotes only the actual supply charge since the other charges vary by state and utility. Salespeople can sometimes use these to play games with your price.Is someone playing games with your energy? You won’t even know that there are more charges until you receive a bill and it is too late. It can be impossible to find them even by reading the contract. Since some of these charges are billed by the utility to the supplier they can be referred to as charges by the utility. Most customers will not be surprised by a contract which states that the customer is responsible for charges from the utility since they don’t know what it can include. The end result is that you pay too much!

The solution: The Really Lower™ rate from Lower Watt.

Before Lower Watt quotes you a price, our expert staff will analyze your utility bills to see what you are really paying for your energy supply. We will then get quotes from all of the suppliers with whom we work. We will then use our knowledge of each supplier’s policies to calculate each quote to a final bottom line price that compares to the bottom line price from your utility.

With the Really Lower™ rate the price you accept is the price you pay!