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About Deregulation

Energy deregulation has made some exciting changes in many states as to how energy is purchased. In deregulated states the local utilities have stopped selling energy as a part of their business. Instead their business is to deliver energy produced by others to the user’s location. They are now delivery services similar to the Postal Service. The utilities have a default rate for supply which is paid by customers who did not shop for their energy. This rate is highly regulated by the local regulatory authority and sometimes is actually bought by the government and resold through the utility. This can add bureaucratic costs to your energy price.

You have a choice!

You do not need to be paying the government extra money! Customers in these states have the option of having numerous sellers of energy compete to be your energy supplier. Thousands of customers have saved millions of dollars choosing alternate energy suppliers. Since many of these are the same suppliers who supply the energy for the default rate, by using these suppliers you are actually cutting out the government or utility as a middleman.  Choosing your supplier will not affect your service and you will still be a customer of the same utility as before. For better or worse, the same utility will be responsible for repairs and ensuring against blackouts. In many cases you will continue to receive only one bill from your utility. The only difference is your price!