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By electronically signing and submitting this form I hereby authorize Lower Watt LLC to act as my exclusive agent for the purpose of obtaining information about my historical energy usage and billing information from my utility and consent to the release of this information to Lower Watt LLC and/or any electricity or natural gas supplier or service provider to whom Lower Watt LLC submits my account information so that they may evaluate my energy-usage patterns and make me an offer to supply my energy or provide other energy related services. This form is valid until the customer provides written notice otherwise to Lower Watt, LLC. At that time, all customer-usage information will again be considered confidential by the utility. In the event that I enroll to purchase electricity or natural gas supply through Lower Watt LLC this authorization will be valid as long as I am a customer. This authorization in no way binds me to the purchase of any service or product from Lower Watt LLC or any energy supplier, nor does it allow Lower Watt LLC to execute any contract on my behalf. It is to be used for the sole purpose of determining my price for natural gas and/or electric supply service and/or my eligibility and benefits or costs of other energy related services offered by Lower Watt, LLC. In the event that a supplier or other service provider is already pricing these accounts with a different broker and is therefore unable to price them for Lower Watt, LLC, I request that they be released for pricing by Lower Watt, LLC.

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